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Allendale, N.J. -

Leica Camera

said Monday that it will be expanding the programming lineup for this year's Leica Akademie North America 2012.

The multi-city event, which will begin Jan. 20, 2012 in Los Angeles, and conclude on Aug. 25, 2012 in San Francisco, will feature a series of 38 photographic lectures, workshops and hands-on experiential learning across 16 cities.

Leica aficionados are invited to attend the planned events in the United States and Canada, where they can partake in new workshops including Leica Destinations, Two Day Street Photography, Leica M9 Owners and Available Light.

These join the previously popular Leica Weekends, Leica Compact Camera Photography, Leica Black and White Photography and Leica Digital-M Experience programs.

"We are excited to continue offering participants the opportunity to capture the decisive moment with a Leica in hand," said Christian Erhardt, Leica Camera marketing VP. "Thanks to the popularity of the Akademie and invaluable customer feedback, we are pleased to announce an expanded range of workshops designed to cover an even broader spectrum of topics, increase the enjoyment of photography and deepen photographic knowledge."

The Leica Akademie North America follows in tradition of the orginal German Akademie, which began in 1934.

The North American edition was introduced in 2011, and brought the Leica experience to hundreds of participants and demand strong enough to require adding additional city stops, including Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

The experiential workshop events are open to advanced and entry-level photographers.

In addition to the benefits of small class sizes and real world shooting situations, each participant will have access to experienced Leica instructors as well as a selection of guest photographers who will provide coaching and inspiration through the sharing of their images, techniques and insights, Leica said.

The North American Leica Akademie 2012 offers eight programs including the following:

Leica Weekends: Premier Leica Akademie Events, covering Leica photography essentials over two days of hands-on learning. Each course will be available in five destination cities and will be led by a knowledgeable Leica instructor as well as a featured Leica photographer.

Topics include rangefinder basics to advanced techniques, and each workshop is tailored to the host city. Program cities include: Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Calif., and Toronto.

The Leica Weekend Program fee is $495, and each participant will receive a $150 voucher for the purchase of a new serial numbered Leica M camera.

The Leica Destinations workshops combine food and accommodations. Participants will be encouraged to capture images of must-see spots and off the beaten path local favorites while expanding their photographic knowledge in exclusive, real world shooting situations, Leica said.

The first Leica Destinations program takes place in Big Sur/Monterey, Calif., from April 23-26, 2012.

For $1,695.95, guests stay at the Casa Munras Resort and Spa.

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Leica Akademie web site



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