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20 Million Media Tablets To Sell In 2010

Egham, U.K. – Worldwide media tablet sales will reach almost 20 million
worldwide in 2010 and more than double the following year, according to

The research company’s first report on media tablets stated 19.5
million tablets are expected to ship this year. This figure will skyrocket to
54.8 million in 2011, double again in 2012 and hit 154.2 million by 2013.
Gartner defines a media tablet as devices such a Apple’s iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy
Tab or any slate-type device running a lightweight operating system like
Andriod, WebOS or Meego.

Gartner expects this growth to eat into sales of other portable
devices, notably e-readers, gaming devices, netbooks and, to a lesser extent,
low-end laptops.

“Mini notebooks will suffer from the strongest cannibalization
threat as media tablet average selling prices (ASPs) drop below $300 over the
next 2 years,” said Carolina Milanesi, Gartner’s research VP.

The North American market will account for 61 percent of media
tablet sales this year, dropping to 43 percent by 2014 as they become available
in additional markets. Cellular/Wi-Fi tablets will account for 55 percent of
sales this year, climbing to 80 percent in four years.

The cellular carriers are also expected to shift their attention
away from subsidized netbooks to media tablets, Milanesi said.

Gartner does not see media tablets becoming a target for the
enterprise market; however, it does expect workers to buy tablets using their
own money due to the convenience factor these devices offer — primarily
“instant on” capability.

Down the road Gartner predicts media pads will become primarily a
device shared amongst a family for quick access to the web, email and content.