2 More OEM-Integration Devices Ship From JBL For Car

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Northridge, Calif. - JBL has begun shipping two new amplifier/digital signal processors that integrate with any aftermarket or OEM autosound system to upgrade sound-system performance.

They will join the company's first such product, which shipped earlier this year at a higher price.

The two new models are the $599-suggested single-channel MS-A5001 and $599 four-channel MS-A1004, joining the $799 8x20-watt


. All models integrate with any OEM head unit to upgrade sound-system performance without sacrificing the functionality of the factory volume-control knob, making it unnecessary to install a separate aftermarket volume-control knob in or under the dash.

All three also feature digital signal processing to select crossover and phase settings, but the original MS-8 comes also automatically selects crossover points, speaker time-alignment settings, and equalization to compensate for interior acoustics, said Chris Dragon, consumer and field marketing director for parent company Harman Consumer Americas. The MS-8 also features proprietary Logic 7 processing to deliver the same frequency response and image to any vehicle occupant if the system is equipped with a center channel.

The new MS-A1004 incorporates 4x100-watt amp (rated into 2 and 4 ohms) and bridges to 2x200 watts into 2 and 4 ohms. The MS-A1004 can be connected to one or more MS-A5001 mono amps to drive one or more subwoofers. The mono amp is rated at 500 watts into 2 and 4 ohms.

 For use with the amps, JBL also launched a wireless-RF bass-control knob to raise and lower the bass output of a sound system incorporating either of the new amps/processors. Though installation of the amps would not interfere with the operation of a factory head's bass-control knob, Dragon said, JBL's $49.99 MS-WBC providers finer control. Factory bass-control knobs extend their control beyond bass frequencies, he explained.

 The use of wireless-RF technology, which is also built into two new amp/processors, makes it unnecessary to run a cable through the passenger compartment to the dash.


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