$19B Opportunity from Teleworkers: CEA


Arlington, Va. - Nearly two in five employed U.S. online adults work from home at least once a month, creating market potential for nearly $19 billion sales over the next year, said the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

New CEA research found there are more than 38 million people who work at home at least once a month, or 38 percent of the work force, and more than half of these teleworkers plan to spend at least $925 over the next year on technology products.

The CEA study found that 98 percent of teleworkers use PCs, printers and IT technology and 75 percent use CE accessories such as surge protectors and laptop docking stations.  Also 90 percent use fax machines, cellphones and other communication technologies.

"Technological advances, economic considerations and the promise of augmented efficiency have elevated working from home from a novelty to a reality," said Steve Koenig, CEA industry analysis director. "Employees believe their performance is enhanced and their quality of life improves. It's a mutually beneficial proposition for employers and employees."

The new CEA study, "Telework and the Technologies Enabling Work Outside Corporate Walls," was researched in July and released this month.


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