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10.5M U.S. Households Own A Tablet PC: Parks

Dallas – Tablet PC
penetration has reached 13 percent of broadband-owning U.S. households,
according to a Parks survey.

The research firm said
this level of adoption, which equals about 10.5 million homes, is having a
serious negative impact on other mobile Internet devices, such as laptops,
netbooks and e-readers.

The number of tablet-owning homes will grow by about the same in
2011, said Parks. It is estimating that 6 million households intend to alter
their computing purchase plans for the year to buy one of the tablets now on
the market instead of another mobile device. Meanwhile, another 4 million
households that had no intention of buying any computer device this year now
intend to buy a tablet.

This mass adoption will also present content publishers and
content suppliers with excellent revenue growth opportunities, particularly in

“Digital publishers must take advantage of the tablet’s unique
features,” said Harry Wang,
mobile research director, Parks Associates. “They should invest in new digital publishing
software that offers interactive features and improved reader engagement and
digital advertising solutions that enable premium ad inventory.”