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Trump, Tech Companies Agree Huawei Needs Restrictions

President meets with execs from seven Big Tech/Telecom companies

The White House late Monday (July 22) provided some details on a meeting between the President and seven major communications/computer firms.

The White House called the meeting “constructive,” with discussion about the job market, international trade and 5G.

As to Chinese telecom Huawei, which the Trump Administration has cracked down on, then appeared to back off in hopes of using sanctions, or the lack of them, as trade leverage, the White House said the CEO’s had “expressed strong support of the President’s policies, including national security restrictions on United States telecom equipment purchases and sales to Huawei.”

The CEOs also said they would like to see “timely” licensing decisions out of Commerce and expressed optimism about the state of U.S. 5G “innovation and deployments.”

The President has made winning the race to 5G a national priority, including finding the spectrum to fuel that effort.

CEO’s on hand for the meeting were Sanjay Mehrotra of Micron; Stephen Milligan, Western Digital Corp.; Steven Mollenkopf, Qualcomm; Sundar Pichai, Google; Chuck Robbins, Cisco; Robert Swan, Intel; and Hock Tan, Broadcom.

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