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Qualcomm Inside: 5G Chips Going To 19 Mobile Manufacturers

We really are on the precipice of mobile 5G.

Apparently we really are on the precipice of mobile 5G. According to Qualcomm, the chipmaker will be providing its Snapdragon X50 family 5G modem to 19 mobile device manufacturers and 18 carriers starting next year, including AT&T, Asus, Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile’s parent), HTC, LG, Netgear, Oppo, Sharp, Sony, Sprint, Verizon, Xiaomi and ZTE.

 “Next-generation 5G cellular devices are even closer to becoming a reality today as Qualcomm announced partnerships with 19 mobile device makers and 18 carriers to bring Snapdragon X50 family 5G modems to devices sold across the world, starting in 2019.” 

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