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Leaked Images & Details Of $49 Google Home Mini Publish

The Home Mini is clearly Google’s answer to the wildly popular Amazon Echo Dot. Despite carrying the same price point, Google is nonetheless faced with a steep uphill climb. According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the Echo has 76 percent of the U.S. installed base of devices, with the Dot accounting for over half of the base.

However, the battle is not yet won, and likely won’t be until the smart home becomes mainstream. As CIRP pointed out in its recent study, not all consumers are using the devices for the same reasons. More Google Home owners reported using their device for smart-home control than owners of Echo devices.    

“When Google takes the stage on October 4 at a phone-related event in San Francisco, most of us expect there to be non-phone related product announcements too. We’ve heard rumors about a Google Home “mini” possibly being on the way and today we can confirm that it exists, how much it costs, and the colors it’ll be available in. This is the Google Home Mini.”

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