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Apple TV 4K Hands-On: Finally, No Compromises

The light shines bright for Apple TV in the upcoming holiday selling season: Initial reviews give the Apple TV 4K high marks for both usability and performance.

“Apple’s long-awaited fourth-generation Apple TV was almost a slam dunk. The only problem? It didn’t have 4K. That was a notable omission since both Amazon and Roku released streaming players supporting the new format in 2015. Now, Apple is finally ready to enter the ultra-high-definition fray with the Apple TV 4K. But, as usual with 4K hardware, the real star of the show isn’t the resolution bump over 1080p — it’s support for high-dynamic range (HDR) video. And in typical Apple fashion, they’ve also figured out a few ways to make all of this new technology more accessible than the competition.”

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