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10 Rugged Cases To Shield Your Pricey iPhone

True story: One editor on our staff has been walking around with a case on her iPhone for almost two weeks. Despite multiple dops on to hardwood floors, there has been no shattered glass (although the phone does now have a heck of a lot of dings).

Is that editor just subconsciously hoping the phone (an old iPhone 5, by the way) will break, affording the excuse to purchase a new one? Perhaps. Should that situation arise, the editor in question swears she will start using a case again, perhaps even one from this list.

“Apple’s iPhone is a beautiful device, but beauty is often fragile. If you work outside in all weathers, you like to go adventuring, or maybe you just drop your iPhone a lot, you should definitely consider investing in a tough case that can take the knocks. We’ve gathered together the toughest of the tough right here. These are the best rugged iPhone cases around. Some of them offer drop protection, some are weatherproof, and some are both. If you really want to keep your phone safe in any situation, these are the cases that can do it.”

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