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Xtreme Outfits The Smart Home

Xtreme is featuring a wide-ranging showcase of new products for the smart home at CES. Users can keep an eye on their homes straight from their smartphones with the Simple Home Pan & Tilt Security Camera. It allows panoramic viewing and tilt for optimal viewing coverage. A two-way talk feature allows talking to anyone in the room. It can be set to be constantly recording or to only record when motion is detected. The device is also designed to operate well at night using infrared.

With the Simple Home Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera (shown at right) users can see live video of who is at their doorstep right from your smartphone. Consumers can let guests know they’re on your way to the door with the two-way talk feature. Also includes indoor chime unit with adjustable volume and control. The camera on this doorbell can take record and take snapshots when motion is detected, and users can control, stream and play videos back via app from anywhere.

Control the temperature on the touchscreen or via app with the Xtreme Connected Home 4.5-inch Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat with programmable LED nightlight. There is a setting for specific events, season, and vacation. The 4.5-inch screen is color LCD and can show the five-day weather forecast.

Change the color of the lighting to match the mood with Simple Home LED Smart Bulbs. Users can control the lights in a house from a smartphone, and they can also set lights on a timer.

With the Simple Home Smart Controlled Wall Plug, whatever is plugged into this device can be turned off from s smartphone. Users can also save electricity by using a motion detector, said the company.

Pricing and availability of all products will be announced at the show.