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Voxx Sees Opportunities Outside Retail With Sentry BodyCam

Voxx Electronics stepped up its activities to enter non-retail channels by signing a letter of intent to get exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the Sentry BodyCam, a real-time HD-streaming wearable body camera for military, police and law-enforcement officials.

“The Body Cam announcement is one of our major pushes into non-retail channels,” a Voxx spokesperson said. Another was Voxx’s recent acquisition of a controlling stake in EyeLock, “which will also put us into enterprise channels.”

Voxx also targets non-retail distribution channels by selling OEM electronics to automakers.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to enter this new category and partner with S4W to deliver the Sentry BodyCam to police and law enforcement officials,” said Tom Malone, Voxx Electronics president. “Entry into this category provides us the opportunity to service new distribution channels in high profile emerging markets.”

Voxx signed the letter of intent with S4 Worldwide, which provides “mobile real-time situational awareness technologies” to businesses. Its solutions deliver video, audio and sensor data from remote sites to laptops, tablets and smartphones.  

Said S4 CEO Paul Soult, “Voxx has extensive capabilities and a proven track record in manufacturing, logistics and fulfillment to help deliver this product through multiple channels and categories.” The partnership “will complete our overall business model, giving us the ability to provide a true beginning-to-end range of services to our customers as well as increase the possibility of future product developments.”

The Sentry BodyCam transmits real-time HD video, features cellular and GPS, and operates for up to 10 hours on a rechargeable battery. It also supports automatic video upload via Wi-Fi and automated notification of activity.

EyeLock developed the Myris iris scanner to prevent the theft of online users’ identities and make it more convenient to access password-protected sites.