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Trump v. Obama: What Does Watson Think?

Jeremy Waite, a strategic marketing evangelist for IBM, used IBM Watsonto compare President Trump’s inauguration speech with that of President Obama’s in 2009.

Watson used the following APIs to analyze the speeches: speech-to-text, sentiment analysis, tone analyzer and personality insights. Among the findings (which Waite caveats with the note that this was done for fun and does not represent official comment from IBM):

*Trump scored 82 percent in “trust” vs. Obama’s 75 percent.

*Obama scored higher in “intellect,” but Trump edged him out in “modesty.”

*While the two presidents tied on “sympathy,” Obama’s speech ranked higher for “emotionality.”

Waite did cast some skepticism on the conclusiveness of his experiment, but said he plans to increase the sample size by analyzing additional Trump speeches in the future.  

The full post on LinkedIn is rife with more data, including multiple charts, tables and infographics.