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CTI Acquires AVNation

(Image credit Conference Technologies, Inc.)

Conference Technologies, Inc. (CTI) has acquired AVNation Media, Inc., a podcasting and news company servicing the global audiovisual industry audience.

“CTI is deeply committed to the experiences of our clients, to ensure they have the best solutions, support, and knowledge about the industry and their systems. Adding AVNation to our mix gives us a chance to bring more value through education and information, so users are at the forefront in trends and guidance we can provide,” said John Laughlin, CEO, CTI and 2020 SCN Hall of Fame inductee. “AVNation is a strong, influential voice within the AV community and they’ll add incredible value to our team and clients.”

“Conference Technologies is a world-class AV integration firm that has proven themselves to be the best at delivering for their clients, the AV end user,” added Tim Albright, founder of AVNation and 2021 SCN Hall of Fame inductee. “Combining our voice with Conference Technologies gives us the opportunity to grow beyond what we’ve been able to thus far. Our audience, sponsors, and partners will all benefit from this agreement.”

All AVNation employees will join the ranks at CTI. An editorial board will be created with diverse viewpoints to ensure the media arm remains true to its mission to educate and entertain audiovisual end users around the world.

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