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Soulé Named President Of OWC

New York — Jen Soulé has been named president of OWC, the manufacturer of Mac-compatible memory upgrade and storage products.

Soulé, a veteran of the company, reports to OWC founder and CEO Larry O’Connor. The company said in a statement Soulé will assume overall responsibilities for OWC which includes strategic development, expansion opportunities, performance management, budgeting, and guiding technological innovation via products and services.

“Jen has touched all aspects of the business through her near 18-year career at OWC and knows first-hand the blood, sweat and tears that built our strong operation. She embraces my vision for taking OWC to the next level,” said Larry O’Connor. “She is a natural fit for the role as she has long earned the respect of fellow team members, knows our culture, and has been a major contributor to our success. Her new role as President gives me more time to focus on strategic opportunities and growth. I couldn’t ask for a better second in command and my excitement for the future of OWC couldn’t be greater.”

As head of OWC’s product development group, Soulé oversaw the creation of numerous award-winning products and services, the company said.

“I’ve enjoyed working with amazingly talented people every day to achieve so many milestones that led to OWC becoming the ‘go to’ place for Mac and PC upgrades with unparalleled customer service and technical support,” said Soulé. “I’m beyond excited about the opportunities that lay ahead to push OWC’s award-winning products and services to the next level.”