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Silicon Valley Voted Overwhelmingly For Clinton With Its Wallet

Employees at Silicon Valley’s leading tech firms contributed 60 times more moola to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign than they did to Donald Trump’s.

According to research by the Center For Responsive Politics, workers at Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon donated about $3 million to the Democratic presidential nominee as of Oct. 19, compared with just $50,000 to her Republican rival.

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The disparity, though overwhelming one-sided, should come as little surprise: Among other things, Trump said he’d force Apple to build its products domestically, and attacked both Amazon for shirking taxes and its founder Jeff Bezos for using his newspaper, The Washington Post, as a “tool for political power.”

In addition, his tough stance on immigration drew little support in Silicon Valley, where many tech companies were started by immigrants or their offspring, and foreign-born engineers are in high demand.

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Indeed, Trump supporters are few and far between among tech leaders, with Paypal co-founder and Facebook director Peter Thiel perhaps the most outspoken.

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In contrast, Clinton’s chief technology officer Stephanie Hannon was a Google product manager and director, and the candidate’s detailed pro-tech policy position calls for greater investment in education and startups, universal home broadband, net neutrality, and easier citizenship for foreign STEM students.

Hat tip to NBC News.