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Sharp Announces U.S. Veterans Hiring Initiative

Sharp Announces U.S. Veterans Hiring Initiative

Sharp Electronics has launched an initiative aimed at helping its authorized dealerships hire veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Sharp’s initiative intends to help veterans with technical training backgrounds obtain jobs in tech or sales positions with document systems dealerships in Sharp’s Imaging and Information Company of America division. Sharp will be actively promoting the resource on websites for veterans and through communication with outreach programs.

Veterans will be able to navigate on the SEC Americas website and locate available job opportunities by state. If selecting a position at a dealership in which they are interested, applicants will be guided through a process to apply, demonstrate proficiencies and share their interests with dealers throughout the United States. Once hired by the dealership, Sharp will reimburse the dealership for any training costs incurred on Sharp products.

Starting today, dealers will have the opportunity to send in positions for the website. These positions will then be launched to eligible veterans on Sharp’s website on Jan. 1, 2018.

“As our industry becomes more complex, it is increasingly difficult to hire the right people who are technically trained, highly motivated and great team players. Our U.S. veterans are the perfect source for such candidates,” said Mike Marusic, Sharp COO. “This is a wonderful opportunity to assist our veterans as they move into the civilian workforce, while at the same time being a resource to help our dealers recruit the best possible employees. We are committed not only to recruit these individuals, but to provide the training necessary to leverage their skills for our industry-specific needs.”