Samsung To Offer FiOS App On Certain TVs, Blu-ray Decks


New York - Samsung Electronics America announced the availability of the FiOS TV app on compatible Samsung smart TVs and smart Blu-ray players.

The app on the Samsung Smart Hub platform lets Verizon's FiOS TV and FiOS Internet subscribers watch 26 live FiOS TV channels and more than 20,000 FlexView on-demand movies and TV shows on these TVs and Blu-ray players without requiring a set-top box, Samsung said.

This is said to further both Samsung's and Verizon's commitment to developing ways to help consumers enjoy "TV Everywhere." Verizon is the first TV provider in the U.S. to offer video content directly through Samsung's Smart Hub App Store, the CE maker said.

FiOS subscribers who have either FiOS TV or FiOS Internet subscriptions can download the free FiOS TV app on their compatible Samsung smart devices without requiring a secondary set-top box. The app will offer access to 26 channels at launch, including CNN, MTV, HBO, TBS, TNT, Food Network and HGTV, based on the subscribers' current FiOS TV package. The app also offers access to more than 20,000 movie and TV show titles available monthly through FiOS TV's Flex View, which offers FiOS customers the ability to buy or rent these titles and watch them on the TV, PC or mobile device and now compatible Samsung devices.

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"TV Everywhere applications like this new FiOS TV app push the boundaries of content delivery to meet consumer demand for more control, choice and access to their favorite content," said Eric Anderson, content and product solutions VP, Samsung Electronics America. "By broadening accessibility through smart-TV applications, Verizon FiOS is providing consumers more flexibility for where they want to locate their Samsung Smart TV within their home without the need for a set-top box. This is another example of how Samsung is allowing the consumer to enhance their home entertainment experience."

The FiOS TV app has such parent-friendly features as parental PIN options to restrict mature content as well as a purchase PIN requirement for authorization of any rental and purchases of On Demand content through the app. The app also offers traditional features like closed captioning, help and FAQs.

To download the FiOS TV app, customers can go to the Smart Hub on eligible Samsung devices. For more information on the FiOS app on Samsung devices, visit



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