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Randy Thompson Named Sales Director at Sharp Home Electronics Company of America

Will focus on U.S. home appliance business

Randy Thompson has been named director of sales at Sharp Home Electronics Company of America (SHCA).

Thompson will focus on Sharp’s home appliance business in the U.S., including maintaining and expanding its partnerships with its Southeast retail and distribution partners.

He will report to Peter Weedfald, sales and marketing senior VP.

Thompson is a Sharp Corporation alumnus, having held senior positions within the home office division in the past. Prior to joining SHCA, he served as sales and marketing director for Funai.

“Randy brings extensive industry experience to Sharp,” said Weedfald. “As a highly respected Sharp Corporation alumnus, his deep understanding of sales and marketing, along with his highly respected sales and background, will make Randy a key asset to all of Team Sharp.”

Add Jim Sanduski, SHCA president: “We are excited to welcome Randy and expand our sales force. He will be an asset to Team Sharp as we continue to grow.”

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