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RadioShack Names Nick Cannon As Chief Creative Officer

RadioShack, which is mounting a comeback of sorts, announced Nick Cannon will join as its chief creative officer. 

Cannon will assist in the development of RadioShack-exclusive products, the retailer said in a statement, and will hold an office in its Fort Worth, Texas, headquarters. He will also help “further transform the retailer into the must-visit electronics destination, from curating the music selection to performances and events.” Special focus will be paid to RadioShack’s educational and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiatives.

Said Cannon in a statement: “RadioShack is a brand that matters. As a kid, spending time in my neighborhood RadioShack was invaluable. The maker mentality and educational approach taught me a lot and encouraged me to explore my own creativity. In return I wanted to give back by fostering creative pursuits in others, and helping kids move to the next level. I’ve been able to do that with my company, NCredible, and I’m proud to do even more as chief creative officer for RadioShack.”

Cannon is already a veteran in the CE space, having developed a line of headphones with Monster and serving as the Entertainment Matters Ambassador at CES 2015.