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New Industry-Standard Terminology Released By DEG’S D2C Alliance Steering Committee

Alliance further expands community with committees for hardware and device makers, and specialized content providers

The Digital Entertainment Group’s (DEG) D2C Alliance Steering Committee released the list of industry terminology endorsed by its members to help standardize communication about the various digital streaming models and services and to align the messaging regarding their features and benefits.

The Alliance-adopted terminology ̶ which spans linear, transactional and subscription businesses ̶ is a first step in proactively addressing key issues related to helping these digital businesses realize their full potential.

DEG’s D2C Alliance is focused on identifying the issues pertaining to both SVOD and AVOD services, including (but not limited to) definitions and standards; uniform messaging; activation and adoption; research and data analytics; consumer consumption patterns; improved quality of service; and generating greater overall awareness about the direct-to-consumer experience.

See the full DEG D2CAlliance Industry Terminology Guide here.

To this end, the Alliance also recently activated two new committees: TV & Connected Devices and DTC Targeted Services.

The members of the TV & Connected Devices committee include Amazon, Google, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony Electronics, TiVo, Verizon and Xfinity. The TV & Connected Devices committee seeks open communication with platforms and services as a way to improve the overall consumer streaming experience.

“Establishing accepted industry terminology is an important early step in both industry relations and consumer outreach,” said Amy Jo Smith, DEG President and CEO in a statement. “This is an important milestone for the D2C Alliance as it moves forward with a strong base of support across platforms and services, device makers and content owners and distributors.”

The DTC Targeted Services committee is comprised of specialized content companies like A+E Networks, AMC Networks, BBC Studios, FilmRise, National Geographic, The Great Courses, PBS Distribution and ScreenHits TV. The goal of the DTC Targeted Services committee is to ensure that the perspective of specialized services is represented in the key industry issues outlined above.

DEG’s D2C Alliance is guided by a group of experienced Steering Committee executives, including Matt Strauss, Chairman Direct-to-Consumer and International at NBCUniversal, as Chair; Ron Lamprecht, Director Corporate Business Development at Amazon Prime, as Vice Chair; and Jonathan Zepp, M&E Global Partnerships, Google Platforms & Ecosystems, and Dan Cohen, President, ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group, as Board Officers. The officers were elected by the full D2C Alliance Steering Committee, which includes representatives from virtually every major direct-to-consumer provider.

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