Logitech Reveals Skype TV Camera


Newark, Calif. -


and Skype unveiled Friday a high-definition camera system enabling video calls from HDMI-equipped TVs.

The LogitechTV Cam HD, which is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in August and September, respectively, features built-in Skype capability, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity and a bundled remote controller. Suggested retail will be $200.

Users can place and accept Skype video and audio calls from users of any Skype platform, including smartphones, tablets, HDTVs or computers.

They can sign into their existing Skype names or create a new account for the HDTV.

The Logitech TV Cam HD can also be used to place calls through a Skype account to conventional landline or mobile numbers using Skype Credit or a calling subscription plan.

The system camera incorporates a wide-angle lens developed in conjunction with the German optics specialist Carl Zeiss. The combination of Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology and Carl Zeiss optics is said to enable crystal-clear sound and images, even in low light.

Other features of the system include a built-in ringer, dedicated power supply to keep the phone ready to receive a call when the TV is off, and four microphones that help reduce noise and echoes for enhanced audio quality.


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