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How To Hack Your Amazon Dash Button

Consumers are finding their own creative uses for the order-fulfillment Amazon Dash buttons and they’re posting the instructions online.

Brody Berson altered his Wi-Fi-enabled button to order pizza from Dominos:

He is not the first. Earlier this summer, Ted Benson altered his Dash so that he could record data about his baby. Every time the baby woke up from a nap (or had a dirty diaper), he pushed the Dash button and it would subsequently be logged into a Google spreadsheet.

Michael Donnelly has transformed his button into a home automation remote for his lights, air conditioning and car:

Costing just $5 each, the potential for Dash buttons is truly amazing even if it’s not what Amazon originally intended. We reached out to Amazon to get its response and spokeswoman said, “We’re excited to see what people are building on top of the technology.”