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Group Ratifies Bluetooth v4.2 Spec

Kirkland, Wash. – The Bluetooth SIG adopted the 4.2 version of the core Bluetooth spec to increase speed, security and data-transfer reliability and set the stage for a new Bluetooth profile that will enable IP connectivity.

The new profile, called Internet Protocol Support Profile (IPSP), will be adopted by the end of the year.

Bluetooth 4.2 adds privacy features said to make it difficult for eavesdroppers to track a device through its Bluetooth connection without permission. When a consumer is in a retail store with beacon technology, the consumer can’t be tracked unless permission is given to the beacon to engage with the user’s device, the group said.

To improve the speed and reliability of data transmissions between Bluetooth Smart devices, Bluetooth 4.2 increases the capacity of Bluetooth Smart packets. Devices will transfer data up to 2.5 times faster than previous Bluetooth versions. Increased speed and packet capacity also reduces the opportunity for transmission errors to occur, and it reduces battery consumption through a more efficient connection, the SIG said.

For internet connectivity, the 4.2 version will get IPSP by year’s end, enabling Bluetooth Smart sensors to access the Internet directly via an IPv6/6LoWPAN. This IP connectivity will make it possible to use existing IP infrastructure to manage Bluetooth Smart “edge” devices, such as those in connected homes that can be controlled from personal and wide area control.

The latest Bluetooth 4.2 and IPSP technical details and other information are available at