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Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Rod Stewart: In Between The Tech At CES

Most journalists who’ve covered CES have a few good celebrity stories, and TWICE’s Alan Wolf might have more than most.

Most journalists who’ve covered CES for an extended period of time have a few good celebrity stories, and TWICE’s Alan Wolf might have more than most.

One of his favorites to tell is that while searching for a restroom in the Sands Expo at CES 2009, he poked his head inside a small meeting room and found Stevie Wonder speaking to a sparsely attended press conference. Wonder was there for Sendero Group, a manufacturer of personal navigation systems for the visually impaired.

There was also the time he had the good fortune of watching George Benson warm up in a nearly empty ballroom at the Paris during CES 2005, and ended up backstage with Benson and Rod Stewart at Monster’s annual awards program and concert.

In addition to serving as an annual rendezvous for the tech ecosystem, CES carries an added layer of curiosity given its intermingling with the entertainment industry. The size and scope of the show, meanwhile, requires attendees to have a strategy; Get Ready for CES, a free video webcast on Dec. 11, will provide just that (along with a few good stories).

Joining Wolf will be Tom’s Hardware’s Avram Piltch and TechRadar’s Joe Osborne, all of whom will lend their best tips for attending CES 2019 (beyond just the usual “wear comfortable shoes”). They’ll also share predictions for product intros; the ramifications these could have for the industry in 2019; and what you need to know about the new CES areas.

Also: Webcast attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions to the editors, quizzing them on expectations for both the show and year ahead.

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