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Georgetown LG Studio Dedicated

Washington – LG Electronics and Georgetown University recently celebrated the development of the school’s new “LG Digital Broadcast Studio,” which is outfitted with some of the company’s latest 4K Ultra HDTV gear.

The studio is used by the school, in part, to develop more online educational programming, journalism courses and other projects.

“The Georgetown University LG Digital Broadcast Studio will truly transform the way in which we educate and train our students in journalism, public relations and digital communications,” said Dr. Kelly Otter, dean of the School of Continuing Studies. “It will also provide us with the most advanced technology available as we prepare to develop and launch digital – Ultra HD quality – online coursework and programming at Georgetown.”

LG contributed a substantial amount of digital gear to the studio, including seven 84-inch 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TVs, cutting-edge LG commercial monitors and HD displays, as well as state-of-the-art broadcast equipment.

LG said it provided the equipment to Georgetown as part of “a unique educational alliance between the university and the company.”

William Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics USA, applauded Georgetown for its vision in creating the studio and its commitment to advancing educational excellence through technology.

“LG is proud that Georgetown University selected LG 4K Ultra HD technology as the centerpiece of this world-class studio so students and faculty have access to the most advanced display technology available today,” he said.

The LG Digital Studio is a key element of Georgetown University’s new downtown Washington campus for the School of Continuing Studies located at 640 Massachusetts Ave. NW. The physical space for the studio was designed by the Studio’s Architecture team in Washington.

Emmy-award-winning television producer Scott Sforza designed and coordinated the overall technical aspects of the studio space, managing a team that included Eric Wenocur, Lab-Tech Systems; George Allison, GA Designs; and Dennis Size and Leli Tilly, The Lighting Design Group. Long-time industry technology spokesman Tom Campbell served as technical advisor on the studio, and also helped coordinate the university’s alliance with LG.

Campbell, who has long worked as and advisor, spokesman and board member for numerous CE retail chains, currently works with Video & Audio Center in the Greater Los Angeles area.

He is also a member of the Georgetown University Graduate School faculty, teaching a course on the branding and marketing of technology.