Free Webinar: Using eSports To Transform Tech Retailing

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eSports and gaming — a $36 billion category — are transforming the industry, and consumer tech retailers are eager to jump in.

Beyond hardware sales, the interactive nature of the category offers retailers an opportunity to capitalize on their physical footprints and provide gamers (and potential consumers) a place to congregate, engaging in “community retail.” 

TWICE’s webinar, "Using eSports to Transform Retailing" on Nov. 13, will present exclusive market research on this thriving category, including:

  • Why this is not a fad
  • Why gaming accessories are the new sneakers
  • Why its shift to mobile means this is just the beginning
  • What we can expect for Holiday 2018

Webinar attendees will also receive concrete tips on how to hold an eSports tournament in their stores, including core “dos and don’ts” for success from a gaming retail pro.

These tactics will help consumer tech retailers address one of their biggest pain points — attracting new consumers. 

Click here to access the on-demand webinar. 


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