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Facebook Co-Founder Gives $20 Million To Fight A Trump Presidency

Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook worth an estimated $10 billion, is donating $20 million to help elect Hillary Clinton and Democratic candidates across the ticket in this fall’s election.

Moskovitz, who went on to found the workplace productivity app Asana, said the money will be split among six different organizations, with $5 million each to the For Our Future PAC, a grassroots fund founded by labor and environmental leaders, and the environmental activist League of Conservation Voters. Both groups have been supporting Clinton through get-out-the-vote (GOTV) campaigns and media ads.

The other half of Moskovitz’s donation will be split between an amalgam of different efforts to raise funds for Clinton and down-ticket Democratic candidates including: the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee; the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee; MoveOn.Org; the Color of Change PAC; and “several nonpartisan voter registration and GOTV efforts.”

According to a CNN report, Moskovitz, a college roommate of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has not been particularly active in politics.

In a post titled “Compelled To Act” on blogging site Medium, Moskovoitz explained: “The polarization in America today has yielded a race that is about much more than policies and ideas.  It has become a referendum on who we want to be — as individuals, as a nation and as a society.”

He continued: “This decision was not easy, particularly because we have reservations about anyone using large amounts of money to influence elections,” Moskovitz wrote. “We hope these efforts make it a little more likely that Secretary Clinton is able to pursue the agenda she’s outlined, and serve as a signal to the Republican Party that by running this kind of campaign — one built on fear and hostility — and supporting this kind of candidate, they compel people to act in response.”

Moskovitz joins a bandwagon of tech leaders to actively combat a President Trump. CTA president Gary Shapiro also posted a blog on Medium against a Trump Presidency, while showing support for the technology planks in the Republican Party’s platform .