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VIZIO’s 2020 TV lineup gets big audio upgrades

VIZIO has made a significant upgrade to their TV software, and revamped their sound bars.

Better sound than ever

We got up close and personal with VIZIO at CES 2020 where it announced the next generation of its SmartCast operating system and a new range of soundbars (alongside a new lineup of TVs you can see here).

SmartCast 4.0 improvements were pretty obvious, and VIZIO needs kudos for speeding up its top-level home screen experience. It’s worth noting that VIZIO says to expect the SmartCast update on TVs dating all the way back to 2016.The audio lineup has been overhauled for 2020, from improvements in industrial design to audio quality to branding. The highlight is the new high-end VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar. It’s got Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. And it has speakers that rotate depending on the sound profile. It’s a really cool thing to hear, and sort of space-age to see in practice. And the sound? Spectacular.