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CES 2022: Connect, Collaborate and Be Creative With Canon in 2022

Canon introduced the new Canon RF5.2MM F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens as part of its CES 2002 announcements.

“The world has changed, the needs of our customers have changed and Canon has changed,” said Kazuto “Kevin” Ogawa, president and CEO, Canon Americas during Canon’s “TogetherNext” press conference at CES 2022. “The pandemic has caused us to think differently about the technology we introduce, now, more than ever, and we identified two key trends during the pandemic—the need for being together, and the need to work more efficiently and more collaboratively.”

Canon – CES 2022
Kazuto “Kevin” Ogawa, president and CEO, Canon Americas

Always pushing to be at the forefront of creativity, Canon announced the new Canon RF5.2MM F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens during the press conference. The world’s first digital interchangeable dual fisheye lens, the new RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens brings stereoscopic 3D virtual reality (VR) capture to the EOS R5 camera as part of the EOS VR System and is capable of shooting stereoscopic 3D 180-degree VR imagery to a single image sensor. This streamlines the complexities of virtual reality production for seasoned professionals and newcomers alike, most notably with being able to stitch together efficiently within Adobe Premiere Pro for amazing results.

With the need for better collaboration tools to help hybrid and remote workers everywhere, Canon announced the creation of the AMLOS (Activate My Line of Sight) System. This system is currently in development, but aims to help redefine how we see, engage and interact. Aligning with Canon’s three-word slogan of “single, simple and seamless,” AMLOS is being designed to use a single camera, enabling multiple sights, simple operation through gesture control (for in office participants) and seamless connectivity with software such as Microsoft Teams—which was announced for spring 2022.

The AMLOS demo given at the press conference showcased the hybrid working system’s ability for in-office presenters to guide the focus of the camera using simple gestures and share digitally enhanced, high-resolution images from the room, while remote collaborators customized their view of the meeting by focusing on the speaker, the whiteboard, a screen, or zooming in to see the tiny sticky note that presenter Kohei Maeda, marketing supervisor for Canon U.S.A., placed on a whiteboard in clear high definition.

Canon is also teaming up with actor, producer and HitRecord founder Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who called in via Microsoft Teams during the press conference to share how he and the HitRecord team will virtually participate during CES 2022 and use the AMLOS System to brainstorm film concepts, create characters and develop storyboards with CES attendees, resulting in an animated short film to be produced and released in the weeks following CES.

Highlighting how they are innovating to connect people around the globe, Canon shared a glimpse into the progress of its Kokomo VR software. Using Canon cameras and imaging technology with Kokomo software will provide people the opportunity to have real interactions with a 3D experience of beautiful and life-like VR destinations with video calling.

These “ImmersiveCalls” are being developed with a Real “Together” Experience in mind to create realistic representations of users, so virtual reality calls feel like you are interacting face-to-face rather than through a screen or an avatar.

While it’s still in development and unavailable for purchase at this time, Canon will soon be announcing the official launch date of Kokomo and has exciting plans to add new destinations, functionalities, and features to the Kokomo software, along with expanded compatibility with Canon cameras and lenses, including the Canon RF 5.2mm f/2.8L Dual Fisheye Lens, also being showcased at CES.

Replicated through Canon technology in the highest level of detail that celebrates the original work, a high-resolution facsimile of “The Wind and Thunder Gods” by renowned painter Tawaraya Sotatsu can inspire new generations worldwide, thanks to a joint project organized by the Kyoto Culture Association (NPO) and co-sponsored and promoted by Canon. The Cultural Heritage Inheritance Project is a social contribution initiative with the goal of preserving original cultural assets by creating high-resolution facsimiles of Japanese art.

CES attendees will have the opportunity to marvel at this ancient piece of Japanese art and interact and learn more about Canon’s latest innovations at booth #15086, located in the Tech East Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall.