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CES Asia: Huawei Prepping For ‘Matrix’-Like Future

We may know Huawei for its killer smartphones and watches, but consumers in the not-too-distant future may turn to the Chinese manufacturer to absorb new skills instantaneously and converse with dead relatives.

In an eye-opening keynote at CES Asia 2016, the company’s handset product line president, Kevin Ho, said Huawei looks to sci-fi flicks like “The Matrix” to plot out future trends and business lines.

“Hunger, poverty, disease or even death may not be a problem by 2035,” he said, citing a scenario in which children could app-chat with dead grandparents whose consciousness was downloaded into a computer.

Similarly, consumers could instantly “learn” complex new skills from the cloud, like the film’s characterTrinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) when she piloted a helicopter on the fly.

Ho said the necessary data download volumes would exceed 15,000 Zettabytes, far beyond current capacities, which could provide future business opportunities for Huawei.

Hat tip to Bloomberg News; follow TWICE’s CES Asia coverage here.