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CES Keynote: Under The Hood Of Innovation

Dr. Lisa Su flexes AMD’s supercomputing muscle.

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su gave CES attendees a peek at what it takes to power the supercomputing devices that will educate, entertain and change lives going forward.

Su’s passion for both computing power and AMD users was evident throughout her energetic, uplifting keynote, delivered at the Venetian on Wednesday. With over 34 billion connected devices expected by 2025, high-performance computing is vital in order to properly visualize, analyze and make decisions based on all of the data (175 zettabytes!) that will be generated, said Su.

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“It’s going to require new approaches and new innovation, and it’s a phenomenal opportunity for all of us to create new leaders,” she said.

AMD’s commitment to high-performance computing plays out across multiple fronts, including the PC market. According to Su, there’s an installed base of 1.5 billion PCs worldwide, much of which is steered by content creators.

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To demonstrate this commitment, Su previewed multiple significant advances in AMD technologies, including the second-gen Ryzen mobile processor, third-gen Ryzen desktop processor, 7nm Epyc datacenter chip and Radeon VII graphics card.

And because no company is an island — least of all a tech company — Su welcomed several key AMD partners to the stage, including Microsoft’s Head of Gaming Phil Spencer, Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment Studio Head David Polfeldt, and Team Fnatic Founder and Chairman Sam Mathews. All three shared stories of the fruits of their partnerships with the chipmaker, previewing new games benefitting from AMD technology.

“I love semiconductors. I love what we can do for the world,” said Su. “Over my career I’ve really been focused on how can we push the limits to solve really tough problems, whether they’re technology problem or business problems. A problem is actually an opportunity, and although we have challenges, the opportunities we face are much greater, and I know how important it is coming together collectively as an industry.”

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