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Panasonic Runs Away With Mickey

Improving CX through collaboration

The value of industry partnerships is already a common conversation thread at this year’s CES, and Panasonic brought its chair firmly up to this table at its press conference yesterday morning.

In addition to focusing heavily on these relationships, Panasonic addressed how the company is working to improve the customer experience through collaborations and its new products.

Let Your Voice Be Heard At CES 2019!

As part of this, the company announced it is continuing to work with Disney to create theme park attractions. Panasonic projection is already used in many of the park’s rides — including the recent “Pandora: The World of Avatar” attraction in Walt Disney World. Here, Panasonic announced that it is working with Disney to bring the first-ever Mickey Mouse-themed ride to life — Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

The company also highlighted its work with the Colorado Department of Transportation, where it has created an intelligent roadway between Golden and Vail that features 100 sites and 500 connected vehicles traveling the 90-mile corridor. It’s now expanding the program to another 500 miles.

Panasonic also announced that it’s now offering commercial-grade onboard units with its Cirrus by Panasonic intelligent transportation solution.

Keeping the transportation theme going, Van Dessel was on hand to show two new eBikes featuring Panasonic connectivity and Harley Davidson showed off its LiveWire electronic motorcycle, which also features Panasonic technology.