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CES 2017 Kicks Off With Trends To Watch

Happy 50th anniversary CES!

As has become custom in recent years, Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) Shawn DuBravac laid out what show attendees can expect to see at the show. And according to the chief economist, CES 2017 will have seven times more new exhibitors than the very first CES had in total in 1967.

In fact, 20 percent of the 600-plus start-ups at CES 2017 didn’t even exist just three years ago.

For those who missed the presentation at CES Unveiled New York in November, DuBravac listed the five themes show attendees will see dominating this year’s conversation. This includes:

1. The New Voice of Computing: Voice control replacing traditional GUIs.

“Hub devices for vocal computing are becoming key to deployment,” said DuBravac. “There are thousands of skills on [Amazon’s] Alexa, and I would not be surprised if that list grew 50 percent over the next four days.”

Follow along with TWICE at CES 2017!

2. Artificial Intelligence’s Infusion into our Lives and Businesses: The continue rollout of the smart home in a more nuanced approach.

“Refrigerators will adjust to environments … and then adjust the settings controlling the environment inside the refrigerator. The broader theme how we’re increasingly allowing these small things to be automated. It started with changing temperature in the room, and now we’re diving down to changing it in the refrigerator.”

3. Connections and Computations: Looking beyond network reliability.

“We are redefining what the network is. Don’t be fooled by 3,800 exhibitors. CES is a connectivity event. It’s a show that pulls together everyone one of the players across the mobile lifestyle. All of the pieces coming together at CES. We’re no longer just looking at reliability of networks, but where does it go from here? What does 5G bring to us?”

4. Transportation Transformation: The state (and the future) of autonomous vehicles.

“I know we come every year and see incremental change, but we have self-driving vehicles at CES [and] this is incredible. We will see it all come together, whether it’s driver assist [or] self-driving.”

5. Digitizing the Consumer Experience: What the future holds for virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

“Use-case scenarios are still important area. … Hardware sales will come slowly, but surely.”