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CES 2016: Bosch Intends To Keep Things Simple & Smart With New Mobility Solutions

Bosch’s CEO Dr. Volkmar Denner did the seemingly impossible Tuesday morning, using the company’s CES press event to outline its myriad developments and innovation in its smart home, smart city and connected mobility platform.

Bosch’s approach with all of these IoT, smart home and other technologies is the catch phrase, “Simply. Connected.” He noted that as a supplier to many industries, Bosch is one of few companies worldwide that provide “sensors, software and services” for all types of connected products and technologies.

For instance, Denner said that three of four smartphones in operation worldwide features a Bosch sensor. Bosch ships 4 million sensors worldwide on a daily basis, he said.

And business has been good for Bosch. Denner noted that 2015 year-on-year sales increased 7 percent in North America.  

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Denner also discussed the Bosch smart-home system, which controls all the connected devices in a home via one platform. Designed for use in conjunction with a corresponding app for smartphone and tablet, the Bosch smart-home controller is the command center of the smart home. 

Lighting, heating, smoke alarms, doors, windows — everything can communicate with everything else. When the occupant leaves the house and closes the front door, the system automatically switches off the lights and turns down the heat, he noted.

The first products for the connected home that Bosch is presenting at CES include the Bosch smart-home controller, smart thermostats, door and window contacts, and the Hue lighting solutions by its partnership with Philips.

In connected household appliances, Bosch is presenting a comprehensive portfolio of connected household appliances, such as refrigerators with interior cameras. Owners of these refrigerators can use their smartphones at the supermarket to quickly and conveniently check if there are still tomatoes in the crisper or enough eggs for breakfast. 

In sensor technology, Denner highlighted innovations and sample applications. For instance, Bosch MEMS sensors can be found in vehicles, smartphones, games consoles and tablets, as well as in countless other devices. Without them, a whole host of applications — in consumer electronics, but also in cars — would not be possible at all. Although only tiny, their impact is enormous: They help save lives and energy, and make driving more relaxed, he noted.