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Best Trade Show Display Providers Of 2019

Putting your brand on show

Exhibitions are built for putting your products, your services – your brand – on display. To attract custom and interest most companies will want their trade show display to be not just eye-catching, but project something important about the company, as well be a convenient place to generate qualified leads.

However, creating your own solution can be expensive. Designing and building your stand, printing the graphics, plus the labor involved in putting it all up and taking it all down all create increasing costs. And then there’s the space required to store it all between trade shows, as well as the consideration that changes to marketing strategy and emphasis might require you to keep changing your stands, both in terms of layout, and the images used across them.

Luckily there are a number of solutions available to make the process less of a headache. A number of companies have specialized in providing trade show solutions which make it much easier and more cost-effective to manage the process. Usually they provide off-the-shelf components to build the structure, which is rented from them at a fraction of the cost of buying them yourself. They then work with the design elements, before printing them out for use on your display structures.

Trade show display providers offer a huge range of display and exhibition options, from banner stands to modular displays, from tents to multimedia displays, the possibilities are limited as much by your imagination as much as physical constraints. Additionally, if trade display companies cannot provide your structure and equipment from existing stock they can work with you on a custom solution.

Here then are the best trade show display providers.

1. APG Exhibits

Custom displays printed in the US

  • Large range of display options
  • Custom design available
  • All printing done in USA

APG Exhibits can provide a large range trade show display equipment across North America. You can order by size, exhibit type, a range of banner stands and premium displays, modular displays, and a range for outdoor use. They can also supply accessories, hanging equipment, and counters.

APG Exhibits provides a number of ways to select the display type you need. If you have a clear idea of what you want, you can use the website navigation menus to go directly to the product you need. However, if you’re unsure, they provide a search box where you can try to narrow down a range of options according to booth size, price range, features, and/or height/width if known. Alternatively, you can simply shop by size.

As well as standard exhibition display types, they also provide a range of options for creating a custom booth for big trade shows, not least with truss, designer, fabric, and modulate options, as well as types that require backlit displays or multimedia functionality. If you don’t see what you’d like then the company can provide a custom solution.

APG Exhibits can also provide all design and printing needs for outfitting your booth or display, and provides a handy guide on formatting artwork to avoid disappointing results. They can deliver across North America, but all printing would be done stateside.

You can contact APG Exhibits here

2. Nimlok

Movable displays for any event

  • Dealerships across the US
  • Number of display types
  • Helpful resources

Nimlok provides trade show displays, booths and exhibition design solutions, all provided for by dealerships across the USA. They can supply a wide range of portable displays, banner stands, modular displays, and a number of tents and banner displays for use outdoors.

They also supply a range of rental display options for use in trade shows, from lightboxes 10′ or 20′ inline displays, island exhibits, as well as a variety of fabric structures, hanging displays, counters, and kiosks. They especially cater for displays that can be moved around easily, with collapsible and folding panel displays available. Nimlok can also provide shipping cases for easy movement and storage of these.

The company also provides a number of graphic templates for a wide range of banner stands and portable displays, as well as instruction sheets and help videos, to ensure that your design works well according to the type of display you opt for. There’s also a free catalog available to help you choose from among the types of display formats that are available.

There is no flat-rate pricing made available, but you can contact the company by phone for a quote, or contact one of the nationwide dealerships directly.

You can sign up to Nimlok here

3. Skyline

High tech displays from an innovative provider

  • Dealerships across the US
  • Range of construction options
  • Variety of displays

Skyline is a provider of tradeshow banners, stands, and exhibition display equipment available through dealerships across the US. They provide portable displays, from popup and backwall displays, tabletop displays, banner stands, tables and accessories.

They also supply inline module displays, such as backwalls and towers, which can are quick, easy, and cheap to put together. These can support shelves and other structural additions, and aim to present an impressive and unique presence at any trade show.

There are a large range of additional options available, not least custom island exhibits, and brand experiences for all events and environments. There are also new product ranges include LED backlit displays, curved fabric-framing systems, lighting, hanging structures, and table systems.

There are also resources and help articles on the Skyline website, not just for setting up graphics and images for printing, but also on how to make the most of your trade show experience, with tips on interactions, lead generation, and tactics.

You can sign up to Skyline here

4. Nomadic Display

Trade show displays and equipment from a worldwide leader

  • Huge range of displays
  • Many design types
  • Helpful guides

Nomadic Display is a worldwide leader in trade show display equipment, offering portable displays, modular displays, and a selection of counters. Their head office is based in Virginia, but they also have offices in Las Vegas, London, and Berlin, as well as dealerships across the country.

The company offers a huge range of pop-up displays, backlit displays, portable and fabric displays, as well as tabletops, backwalls, inlines, and islands. They can provide everything from kiosks to hanging signs, counters to banner stands, media holders to accessories such as lighting and shelving, and even A/V monitors if required.

Nomadic Display can also provide materials for marketing initiatives outside of trade shows, such as retail displays, media backdrops, corporate events, and standalone information kiosks which can be set up anywhere.

The company also provides a wide range of free resources, such as guides and infographics, as well as tips for exhibitors on design and presentations, staffing, qualifying leads, and how to cut costs.

You can contact Nomadic Display here

5. Expo Marketing

Displays from an award-winning provider

  • Large portfolio to choose from
  • Custom design focus
  • Multi-use displays

Expo Marketing is an award-winning exhibit design and fabrication house based in southern California, specializing in big impact pop up displays, lightboxes, and custom trade show displays. There are a large number of modular options available for creating extensive exhibition islands, using a combination of stands, ceiling fittings, and even additional seating levels.

These are usually available to rent, which means that smaller companies can exhibit a big-brand presence without feeling intimidated if new to a trade show environment, Expo Marketing would speak to you about goals, while trying to understand your business, in order to recommend potential solutions if you remained unsure. However, while renting is cheaper in the short-term, if a company expects to have the same display exhibition across multiple shows, even over multiple years, Expo Marketing may recommend purchasing the exhibit materials out right to save on overall costs.

To help with the decision-making process, Expo Marketing provide a large portfolio of previous work, to help provide an idea of what sort of designs they are capable of. They recommend contacting six months before the display is required, in order to avoid any last-minute rush which can increase expenses. Expo Marketing will also advise on reducing costs by avoiding unnecessary materials or set up which might inflate labor fees, as well as ensure a focus on the customer experience over tech gimmicks.

You can contact Expo Marketing here

Absolute Exhibits

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Fully managed
  • Price guarantee

Absolute Exhibits is a leading provider of trade show displays and services, providing customized exhibits either for rental or for purchase.

The first company specialism is on the construction side, building trade show displays either using existing addons or completely from scratch, and ensuring these are personalized at every stage of the design and development process.

The second company specialism is in managing displays for the businesses using them. This involves all aspects of logistics, shipping, storage, and setting up at trade shows, as a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to a business trying to handle everything themselves, especially if that business has limited experience or resources, or alternatively has such a busy schedule.

In addition these two key areas, Absolute Exhibits also takes care of repair and maintenance, and provides a cloud-hosted inventory of all parts and materials used in any display.

While pricing will inevitably be customized along with the display provided, Absolute Exhibits advertise a promise that they do not provide estimates or after show bills.

Altogether, while other companies listed here work from a set of preconfigured display pieces, Absolute Exhibits is more focused on the completely customized display to ensure that your trade show display stands out as completely unique.

You can sign up to Absolute Exhibits here

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