AT&T Data-Share Plans Start Aug. 28


Dallas - AT&T Mobile Share data-sharing plans will be available starting August 23, chief marketing officer David Christopher

announced in a blog


Consumers will be able to sign up for a Mobile Share plan at launch at any AT&T retail store or by calling AT&T. Online signup will be available soon after launch, the carrier said.

To help subscribers choose a Mobile Share plan, the carrier added a Mobile Share Planner tool at

. The tool lets users estimate current usage on their devices, automatically calculates total estimated usage, recommends the right Mobile Share plan

from 1GB to 20GB

, and shows the estimated costs for that plan.   

 On July 18,

AT&T announced plans

for a late-August launch of its shared-data plans following a June 28 launch by Verizon Wireless of its own shared-data plans. Both carriers tie their shared-data plans to unlimited talk and messaging plans, but AT&T's program differs from Verizon's in that AT&T gives new subscribers the choice of signing up for shared-data plans or AT&T's current plans. Both AT&T and Verizon, however, let existing subscribers keep their existing wireless plans without sacrificing their eligibility for device subsidies, although in the case of Verizon, that doesn't apply to grandfathered unlimited-data plans that have been dropped.


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