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Apple: Global iPhone Sales Hit Q2 Record

Cupertino, Calif. — The iPhone surge that began in Apple’s first fiscal quarter with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launches continued into the company’s second fiscal quarter ending March.

Global iPhone sales rose 40 percent in units and 55 percent in dollars to record second-quarter highs. That followed a fourth-quarter gain of 46 percent in units and 57 percent in dollars.

Much of the iPhone gain is attributable to sales growth in China.

Sales of iPads, on the other hand, fell for the fifth consecutive quarter in units and dollars, with percentages falling faster than in the first quarter.

Here’s what Apple reported:

iPhone sales: Global iPhone revenues grew 55 percent in the quarter to $40.3 billion on a unit-sales gain of 40 percent to 61.2 million units. Revenue grew faster than unit sales, indicating a continued gain in average selling prices as consumers opted for the larger screen 6 Plus and for phones with higher storage capacities.

iPad sales: iPad revenues fell 29 percent in the quarter to $5.43 billion on a unit decline of 23 percent to 12.6 million units. The decline accelerated from the first quarter’s declines of 22 percent in dollars and 18 percent in units.

Macs: Revenues rose 2 percent to $5.62 billion on a unit gain of 10 percent 4.56 million. Apple said Mac sales broke a second-quarter record.

Other products: Sales fell 10 percent to $1.69 million in this catch-all category that includes iPod, Apple TV, Beats Electronics, and Apple- and third-party-branded accessories. Before Apple lumped iPods into the “other” category, iPods were posting double-digital unit and dollar declines.

Americas sales: Sales in the Americas rose 19 percent to $21.3 billion, but the gain paled in comparison to a 71 percent gain in greater China to $16.8 billion. Geographic sales weren’t further broken out by product category.

Global sales: Apple’s second-quarter worldwide sales rose 27 percent to $58 billion, while first-half sales rose 28.4 percent to $132.6 billion.

Net income: First-quarter net income rose 32.7 percent to $13.6 billion, and first-half net rose 35.6 percent to $31.6 billion.

The first-quarter and second-quarter surges in iPhone sales contrast with slowing iPhone growth rates in the previous two full fiscal years.

In fiscal 2014, iPhone unit sales grew 12.6 percent to 169.2 million, and dollar sales were up 11.8 percent to $102 billion. Those growth rates were down from fiscal 2013’s unit gain of 20 percent and dollar gain of 16 percent, and 2013’s growth was down from fiscal 2012’s 73 percent unit gain and 71 percent dollar gain.