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Andrea Electronics Spins Off Headset Line

Bohemia, N.Y. — Andrea Electronics, best known for its boom-free SuperBeam headsets, sold its headset product line to a group of private investors.

The investors group will operate as Andrea Communications LLC.

The sale will enable Andrea “to focus on the continued development of its patented digital-array microphones and noise-reduction software for use with new mobile device chip platforms (ARM processors) and operating systems such as Linux and Android,” said Andrea Electronics in a statement.

Douglas Andrea, president and CEO of Andrea Electronics, added, “Spinning off our headset business will allow us to focus on our core audio input technologies, which are used and incorporated into a variety of consumer products, including, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. In addition, we will be able to deliver new applications for these core technologies to enhance the intelligibility of the burgeoning natural-language user interface that is emerging in new products that will be operated in real-world mobile noisy environments.”