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Amazon Dock-Blocking New Target Employee

Amazon has filed suit against a recent Target hire to prevent him from starting his new job next week.

But this isn’t just any retail staffer; it’s Arthur Valdez, former head of Amazon fulfillment, and he’s about to assume a new key role as the discounter’s supply-chain chief.

Which means he’s seen, if not in fact designed, the Big Board, and according to Amazon has already been spilling the beans.

The e-tailer argued in court papers filed yesterday that Valdez divulged confidential information during his job interview; violated an 18-month non-compete clause; and is certain to share more of Amazon’s supply-chain secrets in the course of his duties.

Logistics and fulfillment have been critical to Amazon’s success, and have become the new battleground in e-commerce as merchants race toward same-day and even same-hour delivery.

Amazon said it tried to settle the dispute out of court, and is now seeking to stop Valdez from assuming his new post, a tactic it’s used with past defectors. Target said the suit is without merit. Stay tuned…

Hat tip to GeekWire.