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NBA Star Baron Davis Rebounds As A Tech Entrepreneur

Talking with the Official Sports Ambassador to CES

1. Is this your first CES? What’s your first impression?

Yes! What stands out immediately is the palpable excitement. Everywhere I look, I see brilliant minds, innovation, disruption and endless potential to revolutionize our society. This is the epicenter, where all industries intersect to come together and evolve the very nature of what they do. It’s a powerful thing to be a part of.

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I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and even during my playing days, I worked to invest in and build new businesses in the media and technology worlds. Now, as a full-time entrepreneur and investor, I’m thrilled to see everything CES has to offer.

2. What are your duties as the Official Sports Ambassador to CES?

As CES Ambassador, I help give Hollywood and the sporting world a view of technologies that will influence their industries through experiences in C Space and the new CES Sports Zone.

C Space provides a focused setting for those in the entertainment, marketing, content, and advertising worlds to understand technology’s influence on these markets. The CES Sports Zone is the home base for athletes, leagues, media, and sports tech companies, bringing together key players and industry visionaries who are shaping the future of sports for athletes and fans.

3. Are you a techie? What are your go-to devices that you use every day?

I don’t think I have the bona fides to consider myself a true techie, but I do love the tools and the possibilities technology can unlock for all of us. Technology makes my life infinitely easier and helps to bring many of my dreams and creative projects to life, enabling my work to be shared around the world in an instant. Like most people on the planet these days, my phone is my lifeline and access point to just about anything I need.

4. The fan experience at sporting events is one of the primary drivers of Virtual reality/augmented reality technology today, and the NBA has been a leader in experimenting with it. Have you had a chance to try out a virtual reality headset?

Yes, I actually had an app that announced games for the NBA in virtual reality. It was really cutting edge, and I had a great time exploring something so fresh, different and fully immersive. I’m proud of the NBA for trying a lot of new things to engage fans and draw them deeper into the experience of the game.

5. Beyond the fan experience, athletes are increasingly using sophisticated technology to train and monitor health. You’re still playing hoops after a long, storied NBA career. Do you use technology to stay in playing shape?

I do. Various new technologies help me keep in top shape these days, including Stemkit, DNA swabs for body composition, and Mighty when working out.