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Congratulations To The 2018 TWICE VIP Award Winners!

Kudos to Samsung for taking home the Super VIP Award

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This year marks the fifth summer we’ve held our TWICE VIP Awards, in which we ask our audience to vote on the products, technologies and services they believe are making the biggest difference in the business. A few years ago, we made the decision to expand the pool to include tech nearing market readiness and that you anticipate holds the biggest potential.

Here’s what we’ve learned after doing this program in that time:

  1. The breadth of what’s encompassed within “consumer technology” is wide, varied and complex. We had nearly 50 categories this year, with products touching every aspect of consumer life — from washing machines to VR headsets to health monitoring. Covering this range is often dizzying and difficult, and we know it’s even harder trying to be an expert on them all so you can demonstrate their value to your customers. Only in CE retail are you expected to speak confidently on various voice assistants, video displays and vibration-reduction technologies, often all within the same hour.
  2. Our readers not only love voting on the hits and misses — the number of dealers and distributors weighing in this year was among the highest since the program’s launch — they relish seeing what’s coming. While several of this year’s names are repeat winners, others are brand-new companies that we’re eager to see how they perform. History has shown our audience has a keen eye for what works and what doesn’t on the shelves.
  3. Holding this program during the summer is the perfect setup for the fourth quarter. Seeing what retailers get excited about is a reliable barometer for the rest of the industry. After all, retailers are consumers too.

I want to offer my congratulations to all of the winners, with a special congratulation to Samsung, which once again took home the Super VIP Award thanks to its ability to lock down seven wins.

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