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A World Without Wires …

Twenty years ago, cellphones were few and far between. These days, even 10-year-olds carry them. This makes me wonder: Will the wireless TV be the “cellphone” of the next generation?
There has been tremendous buzz about wireless TV leading up to International CES next month. Many predict

that wireless will be the “next big thing” for the CE industry in 2009 and beyond. The benefits are numerous. Many consumers would love to be able to put a TV anywhere without worrying about where the wall outlets are or how to hide the unsightly rat’s nest of cords and wires. For that matter, many consumers would appreciate moving the same TV from room to room with ease.
With new compression technologies and wider bandwidth, “portable” TVs are moving from concept to reality. Just think, in a few years, you could tote along your TV much like you carry your cellphone today …