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What’s A “Crossover”?

Welcome to the 2012 International CES and thanks for picking up a copy of the Official Daily of International CES, produced by TWICE.

As you take a look at a few of the product sections of each Day’s issue you are going to see columns called “Crossover.”

So what does “Crossover” mean? They are columns by TWICE editors which will briefly discuss changes in many CE categories over the past couple of years, namely how hardware and content have altered existing product categories, or have “crossed over” from one category into another.

As Shawn DuBravac, chief economist/research director of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) described the trend at the CEA CEO Summit last fall, the lines between devices – what they do and how they do it – are being blurred more than ever before, due to hardware changes but mostly by apps.

For instance, is a tablet the replacement for a laptop, or is the new small screen TV? Are today’s smart TVs really computers? Are home audio systems connected to the internet really home servers? I can go on but you get the point.

The first three “Crossover” columns are in this issue in the following sections: Tablets (page 104), Home Audio (page 106), and Home Video (page 112).

In Day 2 “Crossover” columns will appear in the Health & Fitness (page 104), Car Electronics (page 110) and Imaging (page 126) sections.

We hope that the insights by TWICE’s editors, who are experts in the categories they cover on a year-round basis, will provide some context as we are all inundated with all the new products and technologies debuting here this week.