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Watch List: Update

This week’s Watch List will look at some former picks to see how they have fared in the funding process.

Jolt Charger

Watch List Date: Sept. 17

Goal: $98,000

Attained: $26,278

Despite being a Kickstarter Staff Pick, the GoPro wireless charger failed to reach full funding. Its developers said in an update: “As next steps, we are in discussion with a number of people about next steps for Jolt Charger. We do believe that this is a great product for the GoPro community and we are already thinking about some product features that may improve it even more.”

Homevue Video Surveillance

Watch List Date: Sept. 17

Goal: $180,000

Attained: $6,421

Although it didn’t come close to its goal, developers of the Xbox video system said, “We decided to fund the project internally. The cameras will be available in 2015 and all backers will have the opportunity to purchase the product before the retail release.”


Watch List Date: Sept. 24

Goal: $25,000

Attained: $709,904*

This all-in-one charging solution completely shattered its funding goal. Michael Mataluni, communications director at ThingCharger, said last month that the device is expected to ship in the second quarter of 2015.

*ThingCharger’s official funding end date was in January, but the device has Indiegogo’s “Forever Funding” status, which allows the company to operate without a deadline.

The Core Wireless Speaker System

Watch List Date: Sept. 24

Goal: $48,000

Attained: $1,159,715*

Another Indiegogo success story (*and another project to receive Forever Funding), the speaker’s makers said any new orders placed going forward will ship in June 2015. Posted in an update last week: “Last week our co-founder Ben [Webster] was in China and Europe overseeing the first pilot production run and meeting with manufacturing and distribution partners. He’s back in Canada this week and will be sharing a more detailed production update with all of you soon.”