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Jolt Charter, Homevue Video Surveillance, Good Night Charly Baby Monitor
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Combing through crowdfunding pitches is akin to standing in the rain with a Dixie cup: Close your eyes and something (many, many somethings) will inevitably drop in. Quantity is certainly not quality, as you well know, and so here are three projects that caught my eye.

Jolt Charger

The Jolt Charger system can be used with GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ cameras to let users wirelessly charge the devices without removing them from their waterproof cases. Just replace the GoPro’s battery with the Jolt lithium-ion battery, and place them both on the charging pad when more juice is needed.

Selling Point: Is there a more inconvenient place to run out of batteries than scuba diving or skydiving? Making charging easier for action cams is a no-brainer.

Homevue Video Surveillance

Smartvue’s Homevue system is a plug-and-play wireless camera system meant for use with the Microsoft Xbox. The indoor cameras connect via Wi-Fi, and users can view the video from an Xbox, computer or portable device. The system also sends alerts via text or email if motion is detected and will save video in the Cloud. It’s scheduled to be available in January.

Selling Point: Microsoft’s Minecraft $2.5 billion acquisition announcement gives this project the gift of great timing: Players will know when it’s time to break from crafting to pay the pizza guy. Its $99 price tag ($158 for two cameras) doesn’t hurt either.

Good Night Charly Baby Monitor

The Good Night Charly Bluetooth baby monitor, which can pair with an iPhone or Android device, features a built-in speaker, microphone, and temperature and humidity monitoring, as well as Wi-Fi and inductive charging. The kicker? Not only can you use the speaker to play your own music from your smartphone, but it comes preloaded with lullabies and white noise.  

Selling Point: As someone who used to play CDs with tracks like “washing machine,” “vacuum” and “dishwasher” to a colicky newborn, this device hits a personal note. 


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