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Unbreakable Trust

Suited for businesses of any size, the recently launched Allstate Protection Plans Express puts retailers in good hands with a great brand.

Karl Wiley, CEO of Allstate Protection Plans, knows how important our stuff is to us—and that providing protection plans to consumers can bring peace of mind with the purchase of a smart phone or new piece of furniture. He also knows that protection plans were something the big retailers offered, but not so much the smaller stores or e-commerce providers. It was time to change that.

“If you go back 10 years, the extended warranty business was an industry that did not have a great reputation,” he shared. “We were a scrappy start-up looking to change things. Since then, we’ve brought new a new level of service and innovation that have disrupted and transformed the category. But what we realized is that there was a segment of the market we weren’t serving. While you can find us at many of the biggest retailers in North America, we weren’t serving as many medium and small businesses. Our doors were always open to them, but we realized we needed to take a step back and repackage our services in a streamlined way that makes it super easy and super compelling for those businesses to offer Allstate product protection to their customers as well. That’s where Allstate Protection Plans Express comes in.”

Allstate Protection Plans Express accelerates and extends retailers’ and manufacturers’ ability to offer protection programs across 25+ product categories ranging from consumer electronics to major appliances and furniture.

For more details on this exciting launch, watch here:

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