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Ultralink’s Bouchard Injured In Accident

We received this note from Jim Noyd this morning:

Don Bouchard, executive VP of sales and marketing at Ultralink/XLO Products, was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Texas. He is currently recuperating from his injuries in a Houston hospital. He is expected to recover and is surrounded by his family, close friends and business associates at this time.

 Don has been passionately involved in the A/V specialty business since 1972. He has been associated with several prestigious companies over the years such as Ohm Acoustics, Dahlquist, Acoustic Research, Red Rose Music, Denon and Cello with Mark Levinson. Educated with a degree in psychology from Texas A&M University, Mr. Bouchard is also a highly successful motivational speaker, spokesman, and educator with clients that have included IBM, Tandy, HP, Maritz Corp. and Merrill Lynch.

 If you would like to send Don and his family your best wishes or have any questions about his condition, please contact:

Jim Noyd
Noyd Communications
(310) 374-8100
[email protected]