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TWICE State of the Industry, TWICE Mobile

Between Tweeter going out of business, Circuit City closing and doing a liquidation sale at 155 stores and going Chapter 11, three LCD panel manufacturers getting fined $585M for price fixing, Directed dropping out of the satellite radio business, Panasonic trying to buy Sanyo and the traditional CES press conference I apologize for not blogging enough in the past week.

All this news took over most of my time so excuse me. But based on the recent traffic on our site, it looks like all of you were pretty attentive so I guess I made the best use of my time.

All this happened while we were planning the TWICE “State of the Industry” webinar that is set for 2 pm Eastern today (11 am Pacific). (Click here to to sign up now.) I went through the rehearsal yesterday (yes, you do have to rehearse these things) and this presentation is chock full of information. Like you wouldn’t expect that from the likes of TWICE’s Alan Wolf, Joe Palenchar and Greg Tarr? And CEA’s Tim Herbert is joining us with the latest stats and observations on fourth quarter sales.

And, I would be negligent if I didn’t promote another relatively new online product of ours, TWICE Mobile. Click here to take a look and find out how to sign up and get breaking news from on your mobile phone. In recent weeks I’ve heard from plenty of TWICE Mobile subscribers and they love the service. Check it out and see what you’re missing.

But enough with the promotional announcements for TWICE. (I feel like I’ve become a PR guy for our site and the publication.)

Click back to our home page or the Retailing, Video, Audio, Car Electronics, Major Appliances, Business News, Accessories,Digital Imaging and many more. There are also new features like Product of the Day and Black Friday (scroll down our home page and take a look at the right hand side) and our new blog called Executive Insight where industry leaders talk about industry issues they are passionate about.

And as usual, let us know what you think.