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TWICE Readers Like Barbie

And I have the evidence to prove it.

Well, not evidence per se, but hearsay and conjecture (and those are “kinds of evidence” according Lionel Hutz). At the beginning and end of every day I click on our Talkback tab on the homepage to see what stories readers are commenting on and what they have to say. Mostly it’s to make sure no one says anything nasty about me …

 It turns out people have a lot to say about … the Barbie MP3 player. By my seriously unscientific survey, it has to be one of, if not the most, commented-on stories in TWICE.

 Make of that what you will. 

But since Barbie seems to exercise a talismanic hold over our readers (or Web searchers who stumble on TWICE) it might behoove us to just sprinkle her name all over our site. Don’t pretend you don’t like it.